Yonezawa Links Page

Below are links to photos of Yonezawa and nearby surrounding areas that Audrey and I have visited. You will see here many different seasons and things that happen during the year.

Hanami & Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms, friends, good food and sake....what does it add up to? The Japanese spring tradition of Hanami.  See the photos here. (Added May 2002)

Spring is also time for cherry blossoms in Japan.  See them here.

(Added August 2001)

Golden Week in Yonezawa.  There are parades such as the one here....

(Added August 2001)

...and also battles which remind the people of Yonezawa of their history.  See a battle reenactment here.

(Added August 2001)

Yonezawa during Winter Time.  Experience a bit of the cold life here.

(Added March 2001)

Guess what we have living in the mountains around us? Snow Monkeys! See photos here.

(Added March 2001)

What is Nakagawa-san digging out? Find out what happens to cars left out in the snow for over a week here.

(Added March 25th, 2001)


Record snow makes for a great annual Snow Festival!  This was our second festival and it was full of snow lanterns, ice sculptures, snow sculptures, and interesting food!   Click here or on the photo to go to the see the festival.  

(added March 2001)

Scenic mountains and flora of Japan.  This ain't Tokyo.  See the quiet side of Japan here.

(Added November 2000)

Nature in Japan comes aglow in the fall.  See all the colors of this season right here.

(Added November 2000)

Every February, Yonezawa hosts a Snow Lantern Festival around the Uesugi Shrine. The lanterns are made by citizens of Yonezawa both young and old. Click here or on the picture to see more photos. (Apr. 2000) 

Click here for photos at Kojo Church in Yonezawa (Feb. 2000)

Even though for Yonezawa there is not much snow this year, (we are told this is the least amount of snow fallen since they began taking weather measurements over 100 years ago), it is more snow than Audrey and I have ever seen! And yes, those are big snowflakes catching the flash of the camera in the photo. Click here or on the photo for more pictures. (Feb. 2000) ***Editor's Note 4/27/2000: Of course, Murphy's Law prevailing, soon after I published these photos it began snowing almost constantly for several weeks. Before it all melted this spring, we had and average of 5 feet of snow on the ground. 

Click here or on the image to see places in or around Yonezawa. (Nov.1999)