Tokyo Photos - February 2000

Tokyo is a vast megalopolis which seems to go on forever. There are people who consider themselves living "in Tokyo" who commute two hours from where they live into the center of the city. Tokyo has mild winters and hot humid summers and I think is similar in climate to Atlanta. 

Bakeries are a common sight in Tokyo as well as all over Japan. This one is in the famous Ginza shopping district. 

Here's Audrey in the middle of the busy Ginza...can you pick her out of the crowd? 

Flower shops are also very common in Japan. 

All the flowers are very fresh and their fragrance lifts your spirit. 

Here's Tom in Ginza holding a small red car behind his back. 

For all the Ginza we found Toyota's answer to the Hummer. It's called the Mega Cruiser...roh roh roh! 

Now you know where all the cameras come from. Say CHEESE! 

Tokyo is a very safe city. Young kids often travel on the subways to and from school by themselves. 

When children grow up in Tokyo they undergo an interesting transformation... 

Here's a really cool astronomical clock on a building in Shinjuku. 

This is a marquee to a Kabuki theater in Tokyo. In Kabuki, traditionally only men act in the plays. The characters they play can be men or women. 

Here's the Kabuki theater. 
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