Sendai Photos

Audrey and I went to Sendai for the day to get our multiple entry visa passes at the immigration office. Sendai is a large city and a port town on the eastern coast of Japan. It is a very modern and pretty city. 

This is in the heart of Sendai looking out from the train station. 

Another look down a Sendai city street... 

Did you know that they have Christmas in Japan? Many of the stores we went to in Sendai were lavishly decorated for Christmas. For most Japanese, Christmas is celebration and not a religious time. Maybe Audrey and I can spread the true meaning of Christmas around (plant a few seeds if you know what I mean!). 

A nice lady agreed to take a picture of me and Audrey. 

Here are some folks in the train station. Note the extremely high platform boots the girls are wearing. These kind of boots and short mini-skirts are the latest fad in Japan. 
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