Matsushima Photos March 2000

Audrey and I spent the better part of a day in Matsushima. It is a beautiful place with a large shrine which looks like a set from an Indiana Jones movie. We also took a boat ride around the bay to see the sights but ended up most of the time feeding the sea gulls which intently followed the boat. 

Here's us in front of the bay at Matsushima. 

One of the first things we did when coming here was to take a boat ride around the bay. The seagulls follow the boats because they know they can always get a meal from the tourists. 

The seagulls know how to train the humans well. 

Here's the prettiest seagull feeder I could find on the boat... 

This is one of the dozens of pine tree islands in Matsushima bay we saw on the boat trip. There was a small fishing villiage on one of the larger islands. 

No...we didn't go to a circus. Believe it or not there is a calliope museum in Matsushima. They have a large collection of these old pieces, mostly made in Belgium and France, some which fill up an entire room. The best thing about them is that they still play and the music is fantastic. 

Here's another great piece in the museum. They have everything from these huge pieces, many small music boxes, to one of the old original Edision wax cylinder players. 

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