In May of 2000, after our vacation in Paris, I had to visit our Milliken plant in Wigan, England on business.  The weekend before we went to Wigan, Audrey and I decided to stay in London and see a few sights. This page and the next show a few of the these places.

One of the first things Audrey and I did was to take a stroll through Green Park.  There are many beautiful parks right in the middle of London.  This photo is Green Park from an ant's perspective.

This is Buckingham Palace seen from across a pond in St. James Park.

One of the famous bearskin capped Royal guards in front of Buckingham palace.  The Queen was not at home the day we visited.  If the Queen is at home, the British flag flies above the palace.

A neat little saying we saw on the outside wall of Westminster Abbey.

The Houses of Parliament and the well known clock tower.

A closer view of the clock tower.  You might ask, "This is Big Ben, isn't it?"  Big Ben is actually the name of the bell that gongs out the hours.  Big Ben weighs 14 tons.

More London!