North Korea - November 2011


In November 2011, our good friend Brett was turning 40 and to celebrate this big milestone he wanted to do something very he decided to go to North Korea!! His wife Victoria helped arrange the trip and several of us were lucky enough to join him and also charged with keeping him out of trouble!

The experience from start to finish was nothing short of see this unique culture and country was needless to say...a once in a lifetime experience. You can see from the photos just how a unique place North Korea is...even for Asia....

Click on the links below to see the photos from Part One, Part Two, and last but not least...Part Three!!



Part ONE is here

Getting to and touring Pyongyang

Part TWO is here

More touring of Pyongyang

Part Three is here

Going to the Korean border at Panmunjom, Kaesong, back in Pyongyang, and home to China.


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